6 Ways Microsoft 365 Can Modernize the Workplace

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Leveraging the Microsoft 365 solutions can empower businesses to build a more modern workplace.

The nature of business has been changing at a progressively quicker rate over the last decade, which is largely due to the development of cloud-based solutions to aid organisations in their work. A great example of this is the Microsoft 365 solutions, which many businesses around the world rely on for their day-to-day workflows. Microsoft 365 is comprised of a series of different applications and systems, all of which are designed to fulfil various crucial functions. The fact that it is entirely cloud-based has many benefits. We spoke with a company that has been using Microsoft 365 for more than 10 years. TechQuarters, an it support company, and many other types of organisation, spoke to us about some of the key ways in which Microsoft 365 can help businesses modernize their workplace.


  1. Enterprise-Grade Security

One of the first ways that Microsoft 365 helps businesses built a modern workplace is by improving their security. Cybersecurity is at the core of modern working practices, because businesses rely on technology, which in turn needs to be secured against hackers who may try to steal information from the systems a business uses.

As a cloud service that businesses pay a subscription to access, Microsoft 365 is kept up-to-date with security patches at no extra cost. Furthermore, the enterprise plans for M365 include additional security tools that businesses can leverage.


  1. Remote Access & Mobility

Being able to access the data, apps, and systems that one uses for work is highly valuable, and a key part of modern work practices – users should not be limited in where they choose to work. This is also a key aspect of cloud services like Microsoft 365.

All of the applications in the suite are supported across all main platforms –i.e. desktop, mobile, and web – meaning users can effortlessly switch between platforms when they need to. Combined with the security measures of the suite, this feature enables businesses to support secure remote access to company information, which in turn promotes mobility.


  1. Flexible, Scalable Licensing

We asked TechQuarters about how Microsoft 365 influences business’ IT spending. Having provided IT support for schools, and many other organisations where the number of users can fluctuate (and people join and leave the organisation regularly), they pointed to the fact that Microsoft 365 is a highly scalable solution. It is very easy to activate and deactivate licenses, meaning that an organisation will never need to pay for licenses that aren’t in use.


  1. Cloud File Management

As business shifts towards being digitally native, the amount of data – namely files – that businesses are creating on a daily basis is increasing. Keeping files organised can be difficult – especially with digital files. However, Microsoft 365 has an excellent product for file management. Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud platform that many businesses utilize as a file management solution. Furthermore, for individuals who just need to be able to store files where they can be easily accessed, there is also OneDrive for Business.


  1. Data Analytics & Insights

One of the interesting things about Microsoft 365 is that, because all of the apps and services in it are integrated with one another, lots of highly detailed data is generated. This data can be very valuable for businesses, as it contains a lot of information on company, department, and individual user performance. This data can be leveraged by businesses to make changes and adjustments that will benefit the organisation.


  1. Streamlined Software Costs

Microsoft 365 can help businesses streamline their costs a great deal. For example, businesses used to have to pay an upfront premium to procure the software they needed. Now, however, they pay a nominal monthly fee to access a wide range of solutions. We asked TechQuarters about this, as their experience providing IT support North London businesses rely on has taught them a great deal about the true cost of software. Considering that any given version of software becomes outdated in just a few years, a business that is not using cloud apps will need to invest in new software every few years. However, with cloud apps like Microsoft 365, updates are rolled out automatically, and at no extra cost.

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