Are Sugar Babies Always Happy About What They Do? 

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Sugar Babies are not spending time with the young handsome men who they really want to be with. They are giving up the years when they should be out with friends having fun and meeting her future husband. She wouldn’t need to be thinking of doing everything to please a man who is much older than her. Sugar Babies will find themselves wishing they were with a young strong and attractive man who she could boast about when she is talking to her friends.

She knows that getting pregnant while she is a sugar baby will cause her to be less attractive and this could cause her sugar daddy to find someone else. The young attractive man might not be in a position to give her the luxury life she now enjoys. Sugar Babies are only happy about the money and things they are getting from their Sugar Daddies.

Sugar Babies Will Have a Certain Mind-set

Some sugar babies will be investing in smart ways such as finding a sugar daddy text only, so they can say goodbye to their real sugar daddy if they want to. They will also pay off their student loan or any other debt they have and then move on.

She knows she will not be envious of the other young women who have their young handsome boyfriends, because she is building her wealth so she can have more than what they have one day. She doesn’t want to struggle to take care of her children when she decides to have them.

She knows this older man would die and leave his money in the bank if he has no children, or if his children are already rich. So she is just doing what she can, to prevent that from happening. She will block out all the thoughts that would cause her to change her lifestyle and focus on what she needs to get done.

Focused on the Good Times

Sugar Babies can focus on the good times, as she believes a young man would not be willing or able to give her the lifestyle she has when she is with her Sugar Daddy.

She can think of the sumptuous meals she can afford and the huge bank balance she now has. This will cause her to drown all the thoughts that would cause her to walk away from her lavish lifestyle.

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Going back to the days when she had to wonder how she would find a job, clothes to wear, a place to live and food to eat, is not something sugar babies will want to do.


Sugar babies know what they are doing can end at any time, since sugar daddies are not young and fit and they are not very far from death. It is also possible that they got their money due to unscrupulous behaviour and someone could be coming to get them. There could be ex-wives or an ex-wife to convince him that he would be better off if he dumped the sugar baby who they see as a Gold Digger and give himself a chance to find real love again in her arms.

His child or children might convince him that they want him to spend more time with them and their children, and this could cause him to dump the Sugar Baby, so he can live with his family and enjoy a different lifestyle.

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